Our Principles and Values

Our Principles and Values

"Communication with Stakeholders

To represent and increase the reputation of our group companies and owned brands in a way that will not harm the reputation of the society,

Compliance with Laws and Legal Transactions

Annual shown and all applicable laws in the countries newly entered, the rules and regulations of the Republic of Turkey is a party to act in accordance with the principle of the International Convention

Customer relationship

Creating value for customers, meeting their demands and requirements at the highest level,
Providing quality products and services and following stable policies,
Being professional and fair within the framework of courtesy rules in relations with customers,
To protect the personal information and confidentiality of the customers in accordance with the relevant laws,

Supplier Relations

Choosing the suppliers to work with diligently and diligently, determining that they do not make ethical or illegal acquisitions, conducting the necessary examinations and determinations in line with the relevant practice principles, encouraging them to fulfill their legal obligations, respect human rights, act in accordance with business ethics and anti-corruption principles,

Competitor and Competition Relations

Failure to comply with competitors or other persons or organizations, regardless of the limits permitted by the legislation, in any way or in any way, which may or may not result in or affect the competition, either directly or indirectly, to prevent, disrupt or restrict competition. To comply with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Competition and related legislation. "